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 Istanbul Weather
Istanbul enjoys the four seasons. This is a transition between Mediterranean and Black Sea climates, with hot and dry summers and pleasantly warm spring and fall. Winters are cold but snow is rare. The vegetation is predominantly of the Mediterranean type.

Istanbul experiences long, hot summers and mild, rainy winters. Annual precipitation averages 72 cm (28 in) and is most heavy in December and January. In Istanbul one should be cautious all the time, you can be caught to a rain storm during summer or you can have a real nice sunny warm weather in February. After all it is a city of surprises. However, usually the following temperatures are taken as normal (in celcius degrees):
  Current Weather in Istanbul:
  Average temperatures (in Celcius)  
The best time to visit Istanbul is spring, early summer and autumn. Take a boat trip under the clear sky and watch the blue color of the Bosphorus, at the same time watch the palaces, summer pavillions and mansions along the sides of Bosphorus.

Winter is usually cold and rainy occasional snow showers is observed. Even march seems to be a part of winter.

April is the time when the spring starts and one can boldly observe the awakening of the mother nature in historical Istanbul. April is also the most crowded month regarding the touristic activities in Istanbul. The city starts to become more vivid and colorful with the blossoms of the flowers and erguvans (do not know the exact word will change soon).

From may till the end of june Istanbul is wonderful with her green and colorful nature together with the shining beauty of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea.

Early Autumn (september and october) is nice in Istanbul with its breeze and still green nature. However, november can occasionally be cold and rainy so prefer to visit Istanbul before november.

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